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A mobile app for your business provides a unique personal consultation with potential clients or customers. It can answer some of their most frequently asked questions, and provide free advice to potential customers who want to learn more about your services. Most important, this interaction doesn’t require any of your staff’s time. A mobile app also gives your business new opportunities to promote itself as a thought-leader or expert with the media.

Here’s an example. In the legal sector, a construction worker gets injured on the job. He wonders if he is a good candidate for a lawsuit. A mobile app will educate this construction worker on whether he has a strong lawsuit against his employer. It can tell this construction worker what he needs to support his lawsuit and provide details on what he should bring to that initial consultation. It can even provide awards and previous cases that demonstrate your winning track record. This situation can be applied to all kinds of legal firms – DUI, injury, divorce – as well as other service sector industries. 

Always On Content has developed mobile apps that have helped clients from different industries market themselves directly to consumers. The VA Loan App helps veterans determine whether they qualify for a VA Loan and why it has better terms than conventional loans. The Medicaid App educates consumers on whether they qualify for Medicaid, and guides them through the application process. The Publicity App gives business owners a PR road map that helps them through the initial stages of a media launch. Our team also works to ensure your app is available on the App Store and Google Play for all iPhones and Android phones. We also block all ads so your potential clients aren’t solicited for similar services on their phone. If needed, we can help promote your mobile app online and via the media.

A mobile app puts your brand or service in front of consumers on a daily basis. It also allows you to communicate directly with your customers via push notifications. Mobile Apps are an emerging trend in the marketing space, regardless of profession.

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